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Borrowed Time

July 29, 2013
More than 6,000 in my country die each day –
But one out of these precious six-thousand today strikes closer to home.
Just a few months ago, a chest x-ray revealed a relentless cancer, spreading through his lungs; eating away at his body; and leaving him shocked, frustrated, and desperately fighting for life.
Clinical staff spoke of him in quiet tones, aware that the dying man was not emotionally prepared to breathe his last.
He arrived at the clinic – confined to a wheelchair pushed by a family member. Only his hollow coughs and the pumping of his oxygen tank broke the silence. He waited, face expressionless.
What can you say to a dying man?
“How are you doing, Fred?”
He looked up from his wheelchair with sad eyes as I led the way for the mournful procession into an exam room.
“Okay,” he paused. “I have no appetite. I can hardly taste anything anymore.”
As I took his vital signs, I glanced at his three relatives sitting by the side of the room. They shared quiet whis…