The afternoon sun gleamed upon my beloved Vermont hills, bathing them with a warm glow. Buried deep in the pages of the Desire of Ages, I paused to ponder a meaningful chapter. Closing my eyes, I could imagine the scene….

Gleaming coins fall with a demanding clatter, lining treasure chests with abundant wealth. Many individuals clearly delight to pour generous offerings into the treasury as onlookers stare with mixed amazement and admiration.

Hesitating timidly, a poor widow approaches the place of offering. She shrinks back. Comparing her gift with what the rich offer only makes her sorrowful that this is all she has to give. What difference will two mites make, buried by and lost amid the other contributions?

Aware that she may be going hungry tonight, she hurriedly throws her gift in and turns to leave. But the tender gaze of Jesus stops her. Soft tears pool in her eyes as His words touch her heart with an unspeakable warmness.

“Of a truth I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all.”

I am convinced that if she had more, she would have given it.

A heart of faith and love was the priceless treasure God desired above all else. Inspiration tells us: “Her heart went with her gift.” She gave all that she had.

The Savior had watched quietly. Little did the givers know that He was acquainted with every single coin they had ever possessed. Their ulterior motives accompanied a half-hearted gift. All they offered Lord was a good deal of silver, brass, and copper.

Yet a widow’s mere two pence was worth more than everything the others had offered, because it was her all.

God looks not so much at the quantity compared to others, but at the percentage. Have you given Him your everything? Out of all the wealth in the world, there is nothing God considers so precious as the entirely devoted heart.


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