Amy's old violin sweetly calmed me with the soothing melody of Pax, meaning "peace" in Latin. It was a warm summer evening at our little church during a musical program. Calmly I turned the pages of the sheet music, letting my fingers linger over the snow white keys.

Then - the music was gone. Somehow the last two pages were missing, and I found myself jolted from my calm reverie and facing the stark facts - I had to play by memory.

Automatically my fingers glided over the keys, and I stared at them, trying to remember what the last chord was. I was astonished to watch myself play the music that was not in front of me. Unsure, I played a chord softly, and then another, and another, until I found the right one.

Sometimes life seems so sure: you know what you want to do, what you want to be, and how things will end. The music is so beautiful, calm, and soothing, and it feels like this could go on forever. But suddenly the pages turn and you find a blank future ahead of you. Changes come quickly to your life, and only complete trust in God will lead you through.

How happy I am that I can turn to a blank page in my life and trust God to lead me through!


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