The Wonder of Redeeming Love

"In this life we can only begin to understand the wonderful theme of redemption. With our finite comprehension we may consider most earnestly the shame and the glory, the life and the death, the justice and the mercy, that meet in the cross; yet with the utmost stretch of our mental powers we fail to grasp its full significance. The length and the breadth, the depth and the height, of redeeming love are but dimly comprehended." (Great Controversy pg.651)

Years ago I struggled with feelings of emptiness. I searched for something that was not there, and struggled to feel accepted by God. At times I would experience happiness, but it wasn't lasting and I found myself confused when didn't understand what was happening. God's love was before me, but I needed to allow it to work in my heart. The Lord loved me -as a vile sinner - but if I didn't accept His love into my heart, it would do me no good.

Oh the wonders of redeeming love! No wonder we can't comprehend it; no wonder we can't understand it. Countless times we hurt our Redeemer by slipping into sin, but He ever loves us no matter what we do. His love calls us to be better people, to turn from sin, and to pursue truth. This love is unlike anything that I have ever known before.


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