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Happy to be Homeschooled

As a homeschooler I am asked questions like; “Can’t a busy household get distracting?” “What about a lack of socialization?” “How are you going to get your diploma?” and “Do you want to go to academy?” I have also heard from peers my age, “Oh I wish I was homeschooled” and “You’re so lucky!” Whether others think that we homeschoolers have the day spent leisurely doing our own pleasure, I don’t know. But what is being homeschooled like, and why am I content to be homeschooled?

One reason why I love homeschooling is because I can choose what I study. If a curriculum isn’t a good match for me, I can switch to another one that, for example, is more of a challenge. I can be creative, and explore areas that catch my interest. I can also go at my own pace, going faster – or slower according to my abilities, without being pressured by and compared to my peers.

I do not suffer from a lack of socialization, and I have many opportunities to interact with people of all ages. Best of all, I (and …

Because I Didn't Know

Birds twittered and trilled, perched on the flimsy branches of the poplars. The brook had swelled with melting snow from our property, gushing from the culvert and eventually creating a quiet pool under the shade of a few trees. I felt like I could soar to the treetops and sing with the birds as I went skipping down the driveway. Spring was in the air, and then summer would come. There was no limit to my excitement; what would the summer hold? I didn't know, but I wished that I did.

If I could have gone forward in time, I would have experienced mixed feelings over the summer of 2009. I would have seen myself tenderly caring for a sweet little bird, fallen far from the nest. Yet later I would witness the cruel results of sin as I pitied an injured creature, dying. I would witness ten beautiful baptisms bringing inspiration and encouragement to my heart. Yet I would feel frustration and worry over the life of a friend. I would experience joy never felt before, yet feel sorrow to see …