Song in the Night

“Yet the Lord will command His loving kindness in the daytime, and in the night his song shall be with me, and my prayer unto the God of my life.” Psalms 42:8       

 “In one week, your life will be no more.”
My mind reeled from the impact of the sheer force of the words. The thought accosted me, shifting my mood, kicking me off balance that blistery winter morning on my 45-minute drive to work.
At first I chose the dismissive route. Just the random, strange thought processes of the mind, I reasoned.
But no, the words had come to me in a moment when any thoughts of danger were farthest from my mind. No matter how determined I remained to shake them off, they clung to me like a damp cloak for days.
I prayed until I could only heave a sigh and clear a catch in my throat with the words, “Lord, if this is You, I’m not sure why You are telling me except that I should be more grateful for each day that You have given. Thank You for the gift of life. I am willing to take it up for You;…

Coveted Legacy

I live in a land where light and darkness clash and collide like the flashes and rumbling of a mighty thunderstorm. 
Where both the bitter and the free, the hurting and the happy, live together under the sun’s intense heat and sky’s dark clouds. 
Magnificent magnolias sprawl over grass yards that often grow course and yellow in the intensely humid summer, and then brown again when winter sends bone-chilling breezes.  
Old plantation houses and extensive fields of cotton are only mild reminders of a time when enslavement was prominent. For some, racial prejudice and bitterness - even hate  - wedge a constant divider between brothers. Now, we have chains of addiction, depression, and sinful habits. I have seen many from every walk and background, struggling at the surface of their enclosing darkness, gasping for a breath of freedom.
I awake each morning with the mission to live light - cutting through the darkness, hacking against chains of superstition and fear that leave many helpless. (I…

Louder Than Words

Seated at the front desk for the outpatient area of the hospital, many people wander up to the glass window - inquiring about wait time, appearing lost, or asking for coffee brewing on the counter nearby.
Often I enjoy brief and friendly conversation, but something happened one day to remind me of how carefully we must guard the tongue, and one even greater - to live a life that speaks louder than words.
The woman tossed a wisp of her long blond hair back over her shoulder as she approached the window.
“Can I have some coffee?” (the classic question.)
I turn away from my desk to the coffee maker. “Sure. Cream and sugar?”
“Just cream.” She grins through widely-spaced teeth. “Thank you honey.”
I return the smile.
“When will my mom be back from surgery?”
“She’s in the recovery, so it shouldn’t be long,” the nurse nearby looks up from a stack of paperwork.
The lady wipes her lips with a finger and motions. “Good. I’m trying to stay out in the hallway until my mom gets back from surgery. “That woma…
Written in October 2014
A black holster attached to his belt, hidden in the folds of a checkered button-up shirt creaks as the firm thud of a long stride in thick heavy boots crosses the sweltering hot pavement under the sun. His shock of golden hair moves slightly as he turns his head to the side, smoothly surveying surrounding people under tinted sunglasses with the air of one who fears nothing.

I look up at his expressionless face. I would guess him to be impassive, stubborn, emotionless if I didn’t know him better. But I do. There is more than what meets the eye - and that is an understatement.

He comes from “good stock,” as my great-grandmother Amy would have said. His grandfather’s life was one marked with incredible faith and courage, receiving a medal of honor for his bravery in saving 75 of his comrades in a World War II battle. Although passed for years now, his grandson was left with a strong impression of his love and belonging. A picture of an old couple is proudly display…

The North Meets the South - part 2

Weekend Surprise

Christopher reclined on the living room couch after a full day working at a manufacturing plant. He wondered how much longer he would have his job. Refusing to work on the Sabbath, he continued to call in on the weeks when employees were expected to work Saturdays, fully aware that one day he would call in one time too many and be laid off.
Picking up his cell phone, he sent a text to his girlfriend. "What's up? :)"
"Sitting around," came the reply a few minutes later.
He could hear his mom, Tracy, pull into the garage and then enter the house. She closed the glass front door's shutter with a quiet comment "about the sun" and then disappeared as Chris remained in the living room. I wish Abigail was here.

Worn cowboy boots hit the gravel with a tiny thud as a car door closed softly.
“Good doggies,” a voice whispered in the direction of a regal Doberman and half-wild adopted stray standing at attention.
Tall bending straw thickly coated t…